martes, 18 de junio de 2013

You cover your emotional needs?

You cover your emotional needs?
If you cover them, will feel you with:

Interest, peace, relax, joy, energy, motivation, balance, understanding...

If you do not cover them will feel you with:

No energy, internal restlessness, nerves, no hope, tired, without strength...

What do, then?

It is necessary to see the dissatisfaction like a friend that says us that, please, look it to see which need have to cover.

First of all listen which need wants to be covered and perhaps you are ignoring it.

Next if you see that you can not it cover for you alone, can ask you what can do, and also can ask help to friends or people that deserve confidence.

Its really important listen to yourself. Surely it is the only way to know what wants our inner and have a more integrated life between what we need and what we do.

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